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Elyria Chiropractor

Over the years, our Elyria chiropractors have been known to give exceptional chiropractic care to every patient in need of care. The Elyria chiropractor genuinely believes in the use of natural and holistic remedies, and continues to assist the community to maximum health without the use of medication and invasive surgeries. It is for this reason, our Elyria chiropractors want to work with your entire family to deliver safe and effective results for years to come.

The basis of care lies in the full examination of the body to assess the pain symptoms. The Elyria chiropractors are knowledgeable, and have mastered, numberous chiropractic techniques, thereby enabling to treat all sorts of conditions. Our Elyria chiropractor has genuine concern for your health and aims for a correct diagnosis.

We will not stop until our Elyria chiropractors have worked with you to achieve your overall health goals. The Elyria chiropractor envisions the re-creation of long-term health, in addition to relieving pain and symptoms. Therefore, the Elyria chiropractors set targets of life-long wellness for each patient and put a plan in place in order to achieve that goal. Treatment with the Elyria chiropractor comes in the form of advanced chiropractic techniques, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle guidance.

Each new patient is different, and we understand your needs are different. Our Elyria chirorpactor tailors the treatment plan specifically for each individual. If you are curious about chiropractic care in our offices and want to speak with one of the Elyria chiropractors, feel free to give us a call. So don't wait another minute. Call the Elyria chiropractor today!

Welcome From Dr. Daniel Schaffer
Dr. Daniel Schaffer

We have been serving people of all ages within Lorain County with quality chiropractic care since 1999. Our office offers a variety of treatment options, including therapies, and have a massage therapist in office.

The History and Development of Chiropractic: The Foundation of the Preparation of Chiropractic Doctors
Chiropractic care has a very long history. Greek and Chinese writings, going back to 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., noted spinal adjustments and the treatment of lower extremities to reduce pain of the...
Behaviors that Possibly Lead To Cervical Discomfort and Alternative Remedies that Will Ease Discomfort
Starting at the base of your skull, your cervical spine (also known as your neck) is made of seven vertebrae. It's up to your neck to hold your head. Your head, however, weighs several pounds so...
Pinpointing Subluxations in your Back in Addition to Knowing Care Remedies
A "subluxation", in chiropractic terms, equals a dislocation of the vertebrae that negatively affects its functioning. The dislocation guides the chiropractor to where to perform a spinal...

I was in an auto accident and had severe headaches and back pain. I came to see Dr. Dan and now I fell like a teenager again!

I hurt my neck at work. The pain was so bad, I couldnt do anything! Now my pain is gone!

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